Building a best-in-class biologics company dedicated to improving the patient experience

ValenzaBio is building a highly competitive monoclonal antibody (mAb) company, with a suite of best-in-class biologics that will offer clear advantages to doctors, patients, and their loved ones. With three clinical product candidates being advanced for a range of conditions in ophthalmic, dermatologic, and renal conditions, and discovery programs following, we are on track to have medicines commercially available in 2026.

VB421 and VB119, currently in clinical trials, utilize well-understood mechanisms of action, minimizing clinical risk and accelerating the approval pathway in ophthalmic and renal indications respectively.

VB517, which we hope to advance to the clinic next year, likewise has the best potency in its class, which we believe will allow us to compete in both dermatological and allergic indications.

VB380, our discovery-stage program, targets a surface marker on cells that we believe may provide an alternative therapeutic approach in multiple autoimmune diseases where patients need better options.

Our programs target different indications but share common advantages

all our clinical programs:
Validated modality
  • Were originally developed in oncology, often as targeting molecules for ADCs, and have extensive data in patients or preclinical models
  • Have well understood and recognized mechanisms of action
Validated clinical opportunity
  • Address markets with patient populations that have shown benefit from our approach, either via a competitor product or from an off-label validator
  • Feature best-in-class potency, binding affinity, or autoantibody depletion properties
  • VB421 and VB517 have been enabled and formulated from inception for subcutaneous administration in Phase I clinical trials
CMC, Regulatory
  • Are supported by agreements in place with world-class biomanufacturing facilities
  • Feature direct traditional approval pathways with accepted endpoints and clinical trial approaches
  • Serve patient populations seeking improved options over existing therapies
Prescribers, payers, policymakers
  • Provide competition to incumbent therapies by providing patients with better options

ADC=antibody-drug conjugate; CMC=chemistry, manufacturing and controls.

Team section background


Patrick J. Crutcher, MSc photo

Patrick J. Crutcher, MSc

Co-Founder, Chief Executive Officer, Member of Board of Directors

David Maizenberg, JD photo

David Maizenberg, JD

Co-Founder, General Counsel, Member of Board of Directors

Stephen Thomas, PhD photo

Stephen Thomas, PhD

Chief Scientific Officer

Tatyana Touzova, MSc photo

Tatyana Touzova, MSc

Chief Operating Officer

Greg Keenan, MD photo

Greg Keenan, MD

Chief Medical Officer

William Bonificio, PhD photo

William Bonificio, PhD

Chief Strategy Officer

Keri Lantz, CPA photo

Keri Lantz, CPA

Vice President, Head of Finance


Patrick J. Crutcher, MSc

David Maizenberg, JD

Mike Solomon, PhD

John Doux, MD


Raymond Douglas, MD, PhD

Jamie Dwyer, MD

Stephen Thomas, PhD

Greg Keenan, MD


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